Covered Patios, BBQ Pits, Beach Front Indoor / Outdoor Party Room, Exclusive Park Rental

Party Rentals

We have 3 covered patios 12' x 20' with 2 picnic tables each, a 55 gallon drum BBQ pit, electricity and lights available. Two of the patios have Coke machines. Patios rent for $50 per day ($75 per day on holiday weekends). Extra tables are available for $10 each. Maximum occupancy 30 people. Entry and vehicle/launch fees apply.

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Recently renovated 1,800 sq. ft. beach front, indoor / outdoor party room / patio with full kitchen facility. Patio has folding tables & chairs, and a 55 gallon drum BBQ pit. The party room can be set up to your specification with folding tables and chairs. Maximum indoor occupancy 75; patio, 75. Maximum seating capacity 100. Full facility rents for $750 per day; patio only for $500 per day. Security/Cleaning deposit $100. Rental fees due in advance for confirmed reservation. Entry fee not applicable; vehicle fees apply. Launch fees apply.

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PARK CLOSURE available for private parties, corporate events, weddings, family reunions, etc. All 7.5 acres available for your exclusive use with the exception of RV sites, cabin and boat rentals. Fee for exclusive use is $1,500 per day - no other fees apply. (This option is not available on holidays or weekends. Tenants and public availability to boat launches would still have access to the lake. Entries would be controlled at the gate with no interruption to your event.)